Wicked Album Review!

Hi everyone,

Yet again, I’ve been gone for a month..  This is not great! I always feel really guilty when I don’t post for a long time, especially since I love doing it so much. Hence the reason for this post. I have some news!

I’ve decided to switch up the content a bit by reviewing something that I enjoy. I hope this is something that will be as enjoyable for you to read, as much as for me to write – if you have any other suggestions of things I could review, feel free to contact me on my blog’s Twitter account (linked below), or in the comments as I’d love to know your opinions. I will still continue to post about things that I may be doing.

Source: http://www.wikipedia.org

But for this week, and for my review, I will be reviewing the newest addition to my iTunes library – The Wicked Musical Album. 

Now as mentioned in my last blog post, I went to London to see Wicked the Musical. In true musical-lover fashion, ever since attending, I have been OBSESSED with the songs, and so I got myself the album. Each of the songs on the album has something unique, and their combination takes me through the magic of the story over and over again. For me, three of the songs highlight this especially.
The first of these is ‘What is this Feeling?’ This song highlights the initial hatred between the two main characters of the musical. The two sets of vocals in particular is completely effective in 
telling the story, as they appear completely confident in their hatred of each other. This appears to be the song that has the most plays from all nineteen on the album, and perhaps the reason for this could be that, as well as telling the story, the flawlessness of the characters’ voices make you as the listener believe it. Their hatred for each other is so apparent in this song that you want to listen to it continually. And more than that, you want to sing along with it because you want to feel that power and emotion that the character’s feel. I love this song, and I will continue to love it for a long, long time.
 I’m also loving ‘Popular’. In contrast to ‘What is this Feeling’, the song signals the change in attitude towards the two main characters – instead of a hatred, Glinda and Elphaba have now blossomed a friendship, that clearly neither of them had ever experienced. With that, she attempts to make Elphaba ‘popular’, despite her distinguished appearance. This song in particular is dominated by feeling. You as the listener can see two different sides of Glinda’s character – the self-centred spark that remains inside her (that Elphie will never be as popular as herself), but also a kind and considerate side of her teaching her how to make friends. It helps you to gain understanding of Glinda’s character and get a glimpse into why she is the way that she is. You feel a degree of sympathy for each of characters, but the music accompanying the vocals is upbeat, which does differ to some of the moods that the song displays. I also have an emotional attachment with this song – loving but also anger, as I had to listen to it for hours on end without getting the lyrics wrong!
Now, ‘Defying Gravity’ is a classic – it’s been covered a lot. But there’s something magical about the original. Whether it’s the vocals of the original characters or the ‘added verses/bridge’ about seeing the Wizard, it illustrates the story greatly. the vocals of Idina Menzel are so effective as they convey the confidence that her friend has helped her to gain, which eventually leads her to leave and fulfil her dream. You as the listener feel pride for her character, as she’s finally achieved her dream. and what with it being a classic an’ all – you want to sing along, and you feel the power and emotion of the characters. The musical’s signature song. Defying Gravity IS Wicked.
I would thoroughly recommend this album to any musical-lover. You’ll feel emotions of your own, as well as those of the characters and experience the magic of the story continually. 

I hope I’ll be forgiven for my recent blog absence, Thanks for sticking with me! xx


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