World CP Day

You may remember back in March, I posted about International Women’s Day. I described it as a day to ‘commemorate female achievement around the globe’. I also touched upon the effect that days like this have on social media, and how throughout the day it is full to the brim of tributes to past and present women. My post today is about another occasion, which unfortunately is not as well recognised by the general public, possibly down to ignorance, but most likely down to lack of knowledge. And that is World Cerebral Palsy Day. On days such as this one, social media is not swamped with posts celebrating those who live with conditions like this, That saddens me a lot, because according to the photo alongside my blog post, 17 million people suffer with CP worldwide. I am one of those people, living everyday with this condition, and I am left today reflecting on my own life experiences, as well as those of others.
Although people are well aware of CP’s existence, some people may not be aware of how common it actually is!

This photo from the CP World Day website is a great help to understanding it a bit more. It talks about the different ways CP can affect people, because of course, the severity of everyone’s disability is different. For example, I suffer with diplegia, so my CP primarily affects both my legs. And the motor type that my CP affects is ‘spastic’. I was surprised myself to see that this is the most common form of cerebral palsy, which affects 70-80% of sufferers. This statistic comforts me ever so slightly and makes the pain I have experienced a little more worthwhile.

There were many reasons that drove me to writing this post. But more than anything I wanted to show support to the cause, and make others aware that a day dedicated to CP is just as valid and important as a day dedicated to any other cause, like International Women’s Day. It is of personal importance to me to raise awareness, and ensure that I am part of that journey to helping others just like me. Cerebral Palsy is incurable, but with clear recognition of the condition, not just on days like today but everyday of the year, people can offer help and donations to people suffering. That help or donation, however much, could mean so much to a CP sufferer and their family, as it could offer a key to independence. A key to a life for them. This is a cause really close to my heart and I hope that by educating people a little more about CP, people will begin to offer support for people like me. Then, maybe World CP Day will be as widely supported as International Women’s Day, and social media will be swamped with support for wobbly people!

I really hope that this post has helped to inspire people to help such a worthy cause. If you could spare some pennies, please make a donation to Scope (, or any disability charity you may know of. Please do not feel obligated to do so, if you are unable to donate some money, you could always share this post with someone who can. Or donate some time, or some old things to a Scope charity shop. Anything that has the potential to help CP sufferers would be appreciated!

Thank you so so much for reading this far if you have. If you would still like to know more about World CP day, visit their website:ย

Until next time!



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