Banoffee Bliss…

I’ve always loved baking. It feels great to find something that I want to make and I’m constantly looking for new recipes. I love trying out new ones because more often that not, I find a new favourite, and after receiving the ‘Tanya Bakes’  cookbook last Christmas, I can safely say that is what I have done!

I haven’t tried too many recipes yet (although I plan to), but so far my favourite is the Banoffee Pie. I love eating it, but until a short time ago, I’d never attempted to make it, and when I saw it was included, I really wanted to give it a go! It was a new level of delicious, and so simple – 20 minutes preparation time and you don’t even need an oven!

To make the Banoffee pie, I used:-

  • 400g of chocolate hobnobs
  • 150g of unsalted butter
  • 1 tin of Carnation Caramel
  • 4 bananas
  • 400ml of double cream
  • Some extra chocolate for sprinkling!


  • Firstly crumble the hobnobs into a bowl. (I crushed the hobnobs in a bag with a rolling pin, and this works just as well!) Melt the butter in a saucepan and mix with the hobnobs until covered, and press it into the bottom of the tart tin. Once this is done, pop it in the fridge to chill for around half an hour.  
  • Pour the Carnation Caramel onto the base and evenly spread. Transfer it to the fridge again for a further 15 minutes and allow the caramel to set.
  • Slice the bananas and lay them on top of the caramel. Make sure there is enough to over the whole base.
  • Now for the fun bit – whip the cream to form soft peaks and dollop on top of the bananas.
  • To finish, grate some chocolate on top of the cream and serve.



Tip:- I’ve now made this twice and in terms of the Hobnobs, I have found that less is definitely more! It produces a much thinner base, which is easier to cut.

Its my go-to dessert – great to throw together if you’re short on time and so enjoyable – last time it was eaten within two days! Perfect!

Recipe from ‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr



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