Pleats are here to stay!

I’ve never been one for dressing adventurously. Shopping was always a bit of a sticking point for me – I’d find stuff I loved to wear, but never know what to wear with it. But when I did, I would wear it into the ground. The same top, trousers and shoes. Yep, boring.

This has been a regular occurrence for a long time, and I don’t know why, but recently when shopping, something clicked. I’ve started to find a style that I love, and its GREAT. The funny thing is, this new style is so un-me. Previously, I would have completely ignored these things on the rail, and gone for the same old. And now, I am enjoying new outfits – ones that allow room to be worn casually, but also are smart and super comfy.

Sometimes I have found myself sporting some outfits that appear to be a very unusual combination. But its great to try something new. I truly believe that the right outfit can give confidence, and I feel like since finding these particular outfits (in particular the trousers), I have been oozing with it. Its so diverse, as with the right shirt it can really showcase the smart or casual side of it. I have paired the trousers with two different tops to show this. I love them both and I hope you do too!

The Trousers– I never thought that I could get so excited about a pair of trousers but here we are. These are from the Topshop brand Oh my Love. And oh my, I do love them! They are pleated all the way through, which means that they drape well and don’t cling to my legs. This is great for the summer weather as I never get too hot, and they have an elasticated waist, which I am totally a fan of. I love jeans, but some days, they are way too tight and uncomfortable. Also, as I am petite, I often struggle to get trousers of the right length, and these are perfect. As if this wasn’t enough, they are black, so they can we worn with pretty much ANYTHING – I have a feeling I will be living in them. I have also purchased another pair of these that are quite similar! They add such style to an outfit, and I think are a staple for any wardrobe!

Casual Top-It was the classic shopping story: saw this online, loved it and bought it! I don’t  know what it is about t-shirts, but I buy hoards of them. And my wardrobe is not in short supply of the good old, trusty slogan tee. This is just one of them, from River Island. The trousers could appear to be quite dressy, so this shirt is great to dress it down. I love that the grey colour works so well with these trousers. And the pearly stones are a cute addition – the slogan is great too!

Smart Top-I originally picked up this top to wear for work, so I thought this top from New Look would be the perfect one to dress it up! I love to wear it tucked into the trousers, but I think it could also work well without. The long sleeves are great if the weather is slightly colder, but you could roll them up like me, as this adds something a bit extra. I also love the colours – the brightly coloured stripes add a bit of character to the outfit and make me feel really quite edgy! Plus, the material is soft and its comfortable to wear.

The shoes-For as long as I can remember, shoes have been a difficult one for me. My disability has limited the types of shoes that I can wear (including high heels), and I have spent a long time walking on my toes rather than heels, so I can wear through them very quickly. Often this made me feel like I couldn’t be fashionable. Until I discovered Flatform shoes. The beauty of them is that the sole is thicker and about 4cm taller than a usual shoe. Not only does this do wonders for a shortie like me, but they help me to walk better on my heels. These are from Deichmann. Just simple black, with a metallic silver toe. This works so well to finish off the outfit and they are so cute!

Sunglasses-In these photos I wore two different pairs of sunglasses. The black pair I bought from an independent shop, so unfortunately I can’t link them for you. I have owned this pair of sunglasses (and only these) for a long time and I never really look at sunglasses when I’m out shopping. But the blue pair from Primark are great. Again, these are so unlike anything I would buy myself. I love the colour of them A LOT, and they aren’t oversized on my face, which is great!

Bag-I’ve never been one for taking a lot of things with me when I go out. And for that reason, this bag from Primark is perfect. Its small and compact with only a few pockets, so I can fit only the things in that I need. The strap is a good length for me to put over my shoulder or across my body depending on how I’m feeling. But my favourite thing is the front of the bag. Its textured and has a gold ring feature on the front. It goes well with the grey and works well with most of my wardrobe, so I take it everywhere with me. I haven’t been able to find a link for this, but any small grey bag would be so pretty with this outfit if you wanted to recreate it!

If you love any features of this outfit as much as I do and would like to go online and have a look at them, I have included a hyperlink of the item or something similar. Shop away!

Let me know what you love from this outfit in the comments below and if you know of anything similar that you think I might love, please send me links – I always want to see them!


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