Nomination for the Liebster Award 2017!

Having started blogging again properly only this year, I have only recently become familiar with this little thing called the ‘Liebster Award’. So when I was nominated, I needed to do some thorough research on what exactly it was. Now I’m all clued up, and here we are!

For those who don’t know, The Liebster Award is an award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome, which is completely lovely!

Thank you to Life Of Lynda ( for my first Liebster Award nomination! I have read a lot of other bloggers’ posts to help me and they look really fun – to write and to read! Its an opportunity to see a different side of bloggers, and as I haven’t really done a more chatty post in a while (although I have a few planned), I thought I’d give it a go! Lets get started!

Life of Lynda’s questions:

1. If money wasn’t an object and you could only choose one would you travel the world and stay living where you are or move someplace new and where would you go?

This is a difficult one, because there is nothing I would love more than the opportunity to travel the world. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to move somewhere new. And in a world where money is no object, there is only really one place I would want to move to. New York. What a shock! Okay, maybe not. I’m a town girl, and have always loved the hustle and bustle of city life. There are plenty of cities in the UK that I love too, but NY is just the most beautiful place I have ever visited and I love it. I won’t bore you much more. I have written a blog post about it too, so if you haven’t been and want to see what all the fuss is about, or you have and you want to relive the magic, go and check it out!14117917_10154052714102858_9033267360339865851_n








2. If you could go on a shopping spree with one blogger, who would it be?

I’d love to go shopping with Hannah Gale ( I have only been blogging again properly since July but in that time, I have followed her blog and YouTube channel religiously. She has such a sense of style and as soon as any fashion related post pops into my email, I just have to read it! Its a rare occasion when I don’t find myself with a need for pretty much all of the things mentioned, particularly knitwear or jumpers, owing to the looming Autumn season. Apparently I’m not the only one either. Through Hannah’s blog I actually found a jumper that I love, but its been so popular that I haven’t yet been able to get my hands on it! Sad times. To be able to go shopping with her would just be fab, I admire her a lot and she just seems like an all-round lovely person!

3. Whats your favourite accessory?

I’m hoping that this means fashion accessories! I have two accessories that I love the most. This is great because I only picked them both up on a whim this Summer! The first thing I have to mention are these sunglasses from River Island. Before this pair, I only really had one pair (how criminal), that I wore everywhere. I’d just never really thought about having another pair, you only have one face right? BUT I think these are just too pretty. I love the gold with the leopard print detailing around the rim, I think its so cute! I can be certain that I am going to be living in these through next Summer.

The second thing is a necklace from Forever 21. The one that I actually have isn’t on the website at the moment, but I have found a link to a similar one here. Its so simple, but still so pretty and works with any outfit, smart or casual. I love it!

4. What are your favourite trends at the minute?

My favourite trend at the moment would have to be flatforms. For those of you who don’t know, they are like more casual type of wedges. I wear them literally everyday and I’ve featured my fave pair in my ‘Pleats are Here to Stay’ post. I could talk about them for England here, but I won’t bore you again. If you want to read more about what they are and what they look like, you can click here. The long and short of it is that they are the best shoe discovery I have ever made. I have literally been buying them like they are going out of fashion (I just chuckled at my own joke, oops). Well, they will at some point, so I need to be prepared for that moment. I have them in most colours but still not enough to work with every outfit I currently own…. So yes, I do need more.

5. Where would you like to be in 10 years?

The scariest thing about this question is the realisation that in ten years I will be thirty. Throughout my twenty years of life so far, I’ve never found or settled on a career path. I’ve had many desired careers over the years, yes, but none that I have pursued into adulthood. Until this year, since which time this little blog of mine has become my favourite thing! I love everything about it. Writing things down in my own little space, spending hours putting together the perfect flatlay, taking photographs and of course getting involved in the lovely blogging community. I just love how free you can be with it. I’ve seen it open so many doors for different bloggers and that is so exciting to me! This blogging journey (however short it may be thus far) is shaping up to be a great one, and I hope that continues in ten years time.

6. Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?

More to the point, what’s NOT my favourite thing about Christmas?! I love the build up to it (although I always feel a little deflated once it has been and gone). The decorations, buying presents, giving presents, Christmas songs, Christmas baking, Christmas lights, daily advent chocolates…. The list goes on. Its so magical and I just love everything about it. And that’s before Christmas Day! I would say that my favourite thing about Christmas Day itself is probably my Mum’s roast dinner. It is HUGE, but so delicious and without it, it wouldn’t be Christmas. I love that it brings the family together to celebrate, sharing those cheesy cracker jokes, all of which you probably know the punchline of, wearing the hats (yes, we always wear those awfully flimsy coloured paper hats, why not), and just having fun. This Christmas will be slightly different for me this year, as I am taking part in Blogmas! This is a big thing for me but I’m very excited to get started. This year, I’ll be able to document and share all of the things that I love the most about Christmas with you. YAY! If there are any particular things that you would like me to post about during Blogmas, please let me know!

I’m very aware of how many times I’ve said Christmas in this small little paragraph, so don’t worry, I’ll stop now.

7. Summer or Winter?

I love Winter, purely for the cosy vibes. I live for the Winter nights when I can cosy up, shielded from the cold, wind and rain, in my PJ’s, under a blanket by the fire. I’m a bit of a sucker for a hot water bottle too – the more cosy the better!

Having said that, I don’t cope well at all in the cold. Right now in the UK we are in that kind of transitional weather where its totally unpredictable and I hate it. On the whole, I get grouchy and shiver a lot. Mind you, this is often down to withdrawal symptoms from my Summer wardrobe. Yes, really. I simply refuse to believe that it is cold. It is not, and I will wear a sleeveless top, or my absolute fave dungarees if I want thank you very much. Summer clothing just makes the shopping saga so much easier, and means my wardrobe is more versatile, unlike winter, when its just sleeves, jumpers, cardigans etc etc.  Aside from the fashion (which did I mention I love a lot), I also love Summer because it means sun. I always need more sun in my life. Give me all the vitamin D! It makes me so happy, I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face! Also, I pretty much always have cold feet, particularly in the Winter, so the Summer brings welcome relief that finally I am able to walk around freely, my feet feel a much warmer and I am actually comfortable! So, in answer to this question, summer, summer, summer!

8. Whats your favourite Book/Film?

This is an easy one for me. My favourite book has to be ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. I won’t give away too much in case any of you want to read it, but its based on two characters, Dexter and Emma, who met at University. The story starts on 15th July 1988, and revisits their lives on that same day throughout the next 20 years.

Most of all, I love the way its written. Each chapter explores the next year of their lives and how their careers and relationships have developed in that time. It was so gripping for me, because you ‘miss’ a little bit of their lives between each chapter, so I found myself wanting to read more, to find out exactly what had changed in the ‘hypothetical’ year that had passed. The ultimate story focuses on how the two characters are bought together, but I love how emphasis is also placed on the who characters as individuals. David Nicholls writing style is so personal, and he explores relationships between characters so deeply, which really helps you to connect with them.

If you enjoy reading romance novels, then I’m sure you will love this book. I had never cried at a book before, but I found myself shedding a tear or two. I shed even more when I saw the film – which I watched straight away after finishing the book, so I advise having tissues! There is so much more I could say about it, but instead I’ll just say that I completely fell in love with the story and I couldn’t put it down.

9. Whats your favourite colour?

Its difficult to choose just one, so I’m going to give a mention to both of my faves.

I’m quite a fan of the colour aqua. Not the fluorescent blue kind, but with more of a green tone. I have always loved it, so much so that its the colour of one of my bedroom walls, as well as being featured on my laptop case, and who could forget, my blog format! So you could say that there is a bit of a running theme…..

But its lovely and odd as it may seem, its kind of calming for me, because it reminds me of the seaside and I love the sea.

My other favourite colour is rose gold. I will admit that I don’t own as many things in this colour, but if you have read my recent Zoella review blog post, you will know that I received the rose gold vanity case, which I fell totally in love with. The colour is just so pretty and I love how versatile it is. It works well with a lot of different colours, and anything I see in this colour becomes immediately more attractive to me. But I manage to restrain myself (mostly).

10. Facebook or Instagram?

I would say I prefer Instagram. My Facebook these days is just full of memes and although I often find myself chuckling at them, I do prefer looking at something a bit more exciting. I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing what people are posting, particularly flatlays and lovely outfits! Aside from that, I like that its really easy to use, and I can share a photo almost instantly. A lot of bloggers I know have recently had issues with Instagram, and almost fallen out of love with it a little. But I have to say that I haven’t lost faith in it yet. And anyway, I prefer using it just to enjoy posts right now, rather than to promote my blog.

11. Whats your favourite sport to play or watch?

I don’t actually play any sports, but I would say my favourite to watch is probably Gymnastics. I think its so underrated, and should have a lot more coverage. When the Olympics comes around, I am glued to it and I am filled with an overwhelming sense of disappointment that I am not that flexible! I have always said that in another life, I would want to be a gymnast. It would be so much easier and it would make for an interesting mode of transport – literally, I would flip everywhere!

My Questions:

1) What countries/places would you most like to visit and why?

2) What’s the most important thing that blogging has taught you?

3) What do you do when you are struggling to come up with post ideas?

4) Do you have any pets?

5) Who are your favourite bloggers and what is your favourite post of theirs?

6) How do you most like to spend an Autumn day?

7) Who inspires you?

8) What is your favourite book/film?

9) What is your favourite quote?

10) A ‘fun fact’ about you?

11) What is your proudest achievement?


I would like to nominate:

Elliebowsandsparkles –

Laura Jayne –

Corinne & Kirsty –

Forever September –

Its Fine The Blog –

Pint Sized Beauty –

Safffy Dixon –

Lucie Seviour –

Styled By Eva –

Itsactuallyhan –

Happeningwithhannah –

I’m really looking forward to reading your responses!



7 thoughts on “Nomination for the Liebster Award 2017!

  1. whatismaria says:

    I loved getting to know you more – this was such a great post to read 🙂 I also hate the weather in the UK right now, one day it’s almost summer like and the next we have a torrential downpour! And I adore the build up to Christmas as well, although I’ve never been one to watch loads of Christmas films I do love the decorations, the music, etc…Hope you have an amazing weekend! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Britney says:

    You’re making me sound old! haha I’ll be 29 in two months, so that makes me turning 39 in ten years. Now THAT is scary. 😛 I am really nervous getting so close to 30 though. Mainly because I still live with my mom and I’m single with no kids. I feel like I’m not where everyone else is, you know.

    Aqua is a really pretty color. Though it reminds me of toothpaste. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ellie says:

    Well I’m up to answer 7, I have fallen in love with and now followed Hannah Gale and I’m dreaming of all things Christmas! Loving the post Ceelavie! 😀 I’m coming back first thing tomorrow to catch up from right where I am and I cannot wait to get to know you more! 🙂 P.s, you wild bean wanting to live in New York! I wish I had your bravery but I’m more than happy in the fact that I am one for a quiet and quaint village, haha. 🙂

    Ellie Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ellie Jones says:

    Thank you sooooo much for tagging me Ceelavie! 😀 I cannot wait to answer your questions; they are so exciting. 😀 That book, One Day, sounds right up my street and I definitely need to add it to my reading wish list! Also love the gymnastics! But I would definitely have to say my favourite sport is figure skating! Not that I’m any good at it, haha. 🙂 Nothing excites me more than watching it at the Winter Olympics! Especially wrapped up in my favourite cosy wear (hint, hint, I think my favourite season might be Winter too!). Well done on the beautiful post Ceelavie! 🙂

    Ellie Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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