Blogmas Day 3: Winter Wonderland Wishlist!

It all started recently when I took a trip to the Winter Wonderland in Nottingham. In previous years, I’ve struggled to feel festive before December hits (much to my disappointment). But, this year was so different. The excitement came early – and at a whole new level!

The atmosphere was my favourite thing. The whole market was covered in Christmas lights… so despite the cold November evening, it gave it such an element of cosiness. There were stalls (shaped like gingerbread houses no less), absolutely everywhere, selling festive food and drink, as well as the cutest little gifts. I even took the liberty of stopping off at the fudge stall and picked a few to taste test. We went for Eton Mess, Nutella and Cookie Dough, if you are interested! It was a tough choice though, there were so many options… given free reign, I probably would have tried them all! Also aren’t they the most instagrammable thing ever?!

And what is a Winter Wonderland without an ice rink? Of course, I’m not brave enough to have a go at ice skating myself, but I think features like this add so much character it, and I do love watching other people have a try! Plus, the middle of the ice rink had the biggest Christmas tree ever. Obligatory photo opportunity.

Of course, this was on a much smaller scale to most Winter Wonderlands out there. Saying that though, I do absolutely love the atmosphere that comes with them. This got me thinking about other Winter Wonderlands I would like to visit. To (hopefully) inspire me to stick to this, I’ve put together a Winter Wonderland wishlist, which I thought I’d share with you.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

I’ve heard so many good things about the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, so it seems fitting that I include it in this list. Its on a much bigger scale to Nottingham of course, so there’s so much more to enjoy. And plus, its much busier. Although that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I kinda feel like it adds a little something extra to the whole experience.

I’ve done my research, and I’ve seen so many exciting things. Something I would love to do is go on the Giant Wheel. I’ve been on them before, but theres something about this time of year that just makes things like this super appealing. Watching the Christmas hustle and bustle from up high, amongst the twinkling Christmas lights, feeling ultimate peace? YES PLEASE.

Brussels, Belgium Winter Wonderland

My Mum has actually been to the Christmas market in Brussels, so I’ve heard quite a bit about this one too. I just think it would be so lovely to see a different kind of Christmas market in a different country. I can imagine it’ll be bigger and better than the markets in the UK. I’ve read that theres over 250 chalets to buy gifts from, which is massive to me! So I’d love to buy some cute seasonal souvenirs. Plus, the fairy light ferris wheel sounds dreamy. Surprise surprise! And of course, I want to eat Belgian chocolate, which I’m sure will not be in short supply.

That’s my Wonderland Wishlist so far. Have you been to a Winter Wonderland this year? I’m excited to hear about your experiences in the comments. It may inspire me to add more to my list!


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