Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Tree Reveal!

Its finally tree reveal day! I have been waiting to write this post for so long and you have no idea how thrilled I am that I can finally share this with you. Decorating the tree is easily one of my favourite things to do at Christmas. And every year, I’m pleased with the results, but this time, I’m especially excited and I think this is one of the best Christmas trees we’ve ever had.

That’s because we’ve done a few things differently this year. Usually we have an artificial tree, but this year we took the plunge and bought a real one. And I have to say, its really impressive. I love the shape, and it fits perfectly into the alcove of our living room, without taking over too much. Plus, it fills the room with the most amazing smell. You know that the smell of Christmas trees is my absolute fave, so its no surprise that this pleases me a lot.

In the past, we’ve sorta decorated the tree freestyle, but I really wanted to have a theme this time. So, we went for a silver and white theme. I think this gives it a really simple, yet sophisticated look. Our lights are just a plain white, which I love. And to top it all off we have the most gorgeous decorations.

Our main baubles are silver ones from John Lewis. These had two different designs – one set are covered in silver glitter, and the other have a mirrored effect to them. I thought they were really lovely. I just think glitter in general makes everything a bit more exciting, and they look super festive. The mirror ones are quite a contrast, but they work really well.

There are also a few tiny white and silver ones dotted around. Those are from Wilkos, and are super cute.

We also have some lovely white baubles also from John Lewis. What I love about these is their shape. Its a bit like a teardrop. I love them because they add something a little bit different to it and compliment the silver ones so well!


And of course, a tree isn’t a tree without some personal baubles and those are dotted around too. Luckily, we had a lot of special ones that worked well with our theme. Some of my favourites are this silver snowflake from Marks and Spencer, which my sister purchased this year and our souvenir bauble from NY.


Here it is in all its glory!  To me, I feel like the whole thing is quite a statement. But, nevertheless, I am in love with it. Gone are the days of free styling, for me a themed tree is definitely the way forward!


Let me know what kind of tree floats your boat in the comments – do you prefer a theme or are you more of a mix and match kinda person? I’d also love to hear what your tree looks like this year.


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