Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Jumper Picks!

One of the great things about Christmas is the jumpers. Most shops this time of year will have them, and I think there’s such a variety available for everyone. As the festive season draws closer I thought it would be fun to show you a selection of Christmas jumpers that I picked up from New Look. Again, I hear you ask?!  I promise I do actually buy clothes from other stores, but next day delivery is just too tempting you know? So if you’re yet to find the right Christmas jumper, then hopefully this will help to give you a little inspiration!

Reindeer Jumper – I’m starting with this one because out of my three jumper picks, this one is actually my favourite. I’m not exactly sure why, but it stood out to me from all the rest so I knew I just had to have it. This is from a brand called Mela London. I don’t usually go for cream jumpers (I’m more of a darker tones gal), so to start with, I was slightly worried about whether it would suit me. But I do really love it. I think the pattern is just adorable – it has two reindeer silhouettes on it, and I’m a big fan of reindeers at Christmas. I love the addition of the red zig zag pattern too, I think it adds a lovely pop of festive colour. Its super soft. One of the things I love about this one is actually the style of the sleeves. They’re ribbed and almost slightly cuffed. This is great for me because a lot of jumper sleeves can be too long, but these sit comfortably at the end of my arms without hanging over too much. I just love this a lot and as someone who prefers a more subtle Christmas jumper, this is perfect for me.


Robin Jumper – When I saw this jumper I was drawn to it immediately and you may be able to see why. This is also from the brand Mela London. It’s a black jumper with a robin on it. I love robins all year round, but there was something about the little Santa hat that just made it extra special. Its also covered in a snowflake pattern, which is super cute. The style of this one is longline, so the sleeves on this one were slightly too long for me, but they really did come in handy when taking outfit photos because it was bloomin’ cold and my hands were pretty damn frozen! This jumper did keep me really warm though, as it’s a slightly chunkier knit! I would say that this one is a bit more festive, so if that’s is more your style, then its definitely one to consider. I love how quirky this one is and think it would be a great one to wear this festive season.


Christmas Tree Jumper – Really ‘out there’ Christmas jumpers really aren’t my vibe. So when I saw this one I really liked it because it was exactly that. Another Mela London one (which was totally unintentional by the way). This one is a really festive red colour and it has a Christmas tree embellishment on the front. I loved it because although it didn’t scream Christmas, it had a little hint of it. But I have to say, having tried this jumper on, its not really my style. I tend to gravitate towards a knitted jumper, purely because I get cold really easily, so this didn’t work for me. And I just didn’t really feel it suited me. Despite that, I like the colour and the simplicity of the design. Its really cute and I think for someone else, it would be just right to add a little more sparkle to Christmas!


And that’s all of my festive jumpers! I hope this has provided a little inspiration for you. I’ve provided links to the jumpers just in case you want to check them out on the New Look website. Let me know which jumper you love most in the comments below.  And I would love to hear about your favourite Christmas jumpers too!



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Jumper Picks!

  1. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    I haven’t been wearing any christmas jumper this year! I kinda donated them all when i moved out. Next year for sure! xx corinne

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