Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. Ceelavie is an ever-expanding space, where you’ll find all things travel, food, life and style!So my aim for this blog is just to write down the thoughts in my head. I figure sometimes that its easier to write than speak. I want to use it in a positive way to get my thoughts and feelings onto paper (or in this case a computer!) and perhaps also share my experiences and inspire others too.

I have a disability known as cerebral palsy. Big, complicated words aside, it simply means (in my case) that my muscles are weaker than a lot of people my own age. I have been faced with things that a lot of people my own age wouldn’t be as regularly as I am. I struggle to walk for long periods of time, and am often losing my balance. My joints ache a lot and people, particularly at school have struggled to understand exactly why. The only way I can really explain it is after 20 minutes or sometimes less of walking at a very small amount of miles per hour, upon sitting down for a rest, it feels like I’ve just run a marathon.

The problems that I have had have made me feel inferior to others in the past, and so I’m going to attempt this blogging malarkey in the hope that I can both inspire and help others understand what I and other people with this disability will go through. But its not just going to be that, it will also be about everyday, fun things that I may be doing, little life updates or even just photos of cute animals. Its not all going to be doom and gloom, I promise!

So I hope this explains a little bit about me and why I am here. Now, I just hope that I can use this to give you something enjoyable to read. I hope those of you who do happen to stumble upon this page do enjoy what I post, and hopefully stick with me as you join me on a little journey that I call my life.

Hope you’ll revisit soon.